Week One


Introductions, defining biblical theology, setting the focus and outlining the class.

Week Two

Setting: Creation

The stage for God's mission.

Week Three

Conflict: The Fall

All is not right.

Week Four

Rising Action: Conflict/Abraham

Concluding notes on the fall, beginning the call of Abraham.

Week Five

Rising Action: Abraham/Exodus/Sinai

Moving from Abraham, looking at the Exodus event and the giving of the law at Sinai.

Week Six

Rising Action: Tabernacle

The God who draws near.

Week Seven

Rising Action: the Monarchy

The kingdom of Israel.

Week Eight

Rising Action: Prophets

Judgment and future hope.

Week Nine

Excursus: Psalms

The story within the Story.

Week Ten

Gospels I

Introduction to the Gospels

Week Eleven

Gospels II

God's Covenant Faithfulness

Week Twelve

Gospels III

The Kingdommission of Christ

Week Thirteen

Falling Action: Pentecost, Acts, Epistles

The implications of God made flesh.

Week Fourteen

Denouemet: Revelation

Our blessed hope.